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Take Two

I almost always make too much food. This isn’t because I am wasteful or because I don’t know how to plan how much to cook. It’s actually quite the opposite; If I can cook once and have several meals just minutes away from ready, I am a happy camper. But not everyone gets as excited as I do at the thought of leftovers. It can be hard to think beyond “reheat and serve,” but I promise you, there are ways to serve last night’s dinner as an entirely new dish, reducing meal prep time and whining from the peanut gallery.

Excess chicken can make delicious enchiladas. Leftover carne asada can become breakfast burritos or steak tacos. A variety of meats can be chopped and put into quesadillas or make a tasty nachos platter with the addition of some beans, cheese and salsa. But it’s not always Mexican food. Cooked meats make excellent sandwiches, wraps and salad toppings. Many can be used to make casseroles, soups and skillet meals. Don’t be afraid to chop and freeze extra for use on another day when you are short on ideas for dinner.

Lettuce cups are a favorite at our house. We prefer romaine lettuce to iceberg, so I guess it’s more of a taco-shape than a cup, huh? Well, you can call it whatever you desire. I took leftover BBQ chicken thighs, shredded and reheated with a bit of BBQ sauce, spooned into romaine leaves, topped with leftover coleslaw, a bit of red onion and a sprinkle of cilantro. It’s kind of like a little handheld salad!

and as you can see, even the kids chowed down!

I haven’t forgotten that I still owe you a post on how to BBQ the perfect chicken thighs. Don’t worry, it’s coming, I promise. It had to wait until I could have the hubby man the camera while I had my hands in chicken ;)

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